the Commodification of Liberalism



I remember Catholic school. I was a California born skate punk whom had recently moved for my parents education and buisness purposes. The only skater friends in the entire town went to this school, so unfortunately so did I. This was a temporary living situation in a small mining town in Pennsylvania. Mining was a finished industry in the late 80's, so the towns main source of work and money generation was somewhere near zero. The people that lived there were quite an interesting breed. I understand that bad things happen in these kinds of communities. People do strange things and act in odd manner when there is no money to survive. It's a typical lower class suburban situation. The overall cities IQ level was very low and a few fairly intelligent religious people with charisma and horribly selfish morals pulled all the strings in town.

Anyways, all the people who were not born in this curse of a town were automatically designated to the social class of outcast. If you were not Catholic like everyone else you were stuck into the outcast stables as well by the hand of god himself, through a selfish mortals whims. Even if you were Catholic, you had to follow everything the chuch asked of you regardless of how ignorant the request was, otherwise you would attain the outcast standing. Average American town if you ask me. Even the public school taught Catholic morals and religion. You had no choice. Swallow all their horrible beliefs and spew them back up onto everyone within range. If you did not force these fucked up ideals onto other people who were actually more peaceful than the Catholics, you were the enemy. Like I said before a typical American town. Most people actually grew up in places like this, but still to this day do not realize any of the issues I speak of. So be it. That's fine. Yet there is a direct root in the psychology of people that grows from these types of surroundings……

These ideas of enforcing ideals into a persons skull by religious tactics is a very similar idea to what modern day liberal tactics are and have become. Just thinking of the many times I've posted a joke or a subject to debate online and along comes some miserable fiend looking to sell their infection of misery to everyone in their path. Inflicting you with their selfish witch hunt by using the modern tendency of weak willed individuals. If you do not agree 100% you are automatically a heathen, a witch, a rapist, a racist, a sexist or some other vague misconception. Similar patterns right? Morally no difference because the outcome will never be a solution to a problem. Burn the witch is the only goal.

In history the people who originally wrote these morals were most definitely males with war tactic intentions. The conquerors and crusaders, whom pulled strings to have weak willed people do the killing for them. One less task for them to have to take care of. I find it odd that the people whom claim to be the oppressed are using the exact moral formula to attempt to unopress themselves. Using oppressive tactics to stop oppression. It seems like there's something amiss in this picture. Wisdom and intelligence could be the key out of this never ending pile of bodies that humans love to create.

Perhaps if people analyzed these morals of oppression and fixed the problem at the root (themselves) and stopped worrying about oppressing other peoples beliefs, then that would make a huge impact on their personal lives and the lives of anybody they come into contact with. Opposing opinions always exist and thats what makes the beauty of the world go around. It's reality, deal with it. The morals that spew from a persons mouth will never part seas and eradicate what is a natural phenomomen. Problems have been there way before anyone was born, so why are people whining about it like a spoiled 4 year old child and blaming everyone as if they were the child's mother. Mother is not able to wipe up this spilt milk. It has been rotting away on the floor for centuries.

Which side a person picks seems to not matter if the ideals are the same.

Finally as a conclusion to this idea is the last point to reference as a main reason for why so many people have the exact same politically correct morals and religious beliefs: it's a marketed religion the creates industry's built on the aesthetic of liberalism. Somewhat in the same sense as what punk rock is now. It's a marketed product that people identify with and build a lifestyle on which consists of purchasing into the image. That's why everyone is saying the exact same liberal comments. Everyone knows exactly what 95% of liberals will comment because it's so bloody predictable. Mass market mentality. Controlled markets are the most profitable and easy to analyze and manipulate. Not as rebellious as one would think.

In the process of being manipulative liberals tend to also burn bridges a friend has built for them. Another similarity. The other quality that mutually ties both the conservatives and liberals together is the selfishness. One of the parties will at the very least somewhat admit the fact of who they are and what they do. Can you guess whom?

P.S. This article is based on conversations with writer and realist Jack Newcastle with which many quotes were perhaps derived from. Also if you may be wondering, I only lasted 3 months in that Catholic school before getting the boot. They couldn't handle the fact that I considered god an opinion.


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