Christopher Kane


FASHION DESIGNER:  Christopher Kane
ORIGIN:  Newarthill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
HEAD DESIGNER:  Christopher Kane
EDUCATION:  Central St Martins (MA)
LOCATION: Newarthill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK

As a child grows up in life, there are many visual images that the child see's that stay in their memories until adult hood, as something that eventually develops into personal taste. Looking back at various objects, toys, books, television shows, video games and such, that an adult had played with during childhood, can give a person an idea for where his/her taste had developed from. Memories of the glorious colors and shapes of these things can take a large influence in life as to which designs a person will notice and take personal interest in. Which is the prelude to this article.

In my teenage years there was a 90's phenomenon with slightly over sized Mc Escher t shirts. They were often printed in a single color on a black or white, thick cotton t shirt. The ink color was usually opposite of the shirt, say black on white or white on black. I had a decent collection of these, as they always seemed to match my brightly colored psychedelic 'Vision Street Wear' or 'Air Walk' shoes and colorful shorts or pants. The geometric designs of these Mc Escher monotone designs had a deep impact on my current taste. This same time zone was also the time of colorful grid based modern techno futurism inspired video clips and 16 bit video games, which all the same, greatly swayed my preferences in primary colors. Combine the two and the image of Christopher Kane's designs visually appear in your mind.

Christopher Kane Sweatshirt, 2014 Spring Summer

His use of geometric designs and striking primary colors gives an astounding effect. The cuts for the men's and women's lines are also superb, in a very loose but form fitting figure. Christopher's sister Tammy Kane specializes in textile design, therefore the materials are also very well chosen. He has built a reputation for having moved many people, such as Donatella Versace, whom mentioned that he was in similar lines as her late brother Gianni Versace. He also won the Lancôme Colour Award in 2005 along with the Harrods Design Award for his MA Graduate collection in 2006.

Immediately after his 2006 he was hired by Versace, as well as doing his own namesake line for men and women. He has since worked with Atlier Swarvoski, Versus (Versace), Lancôme, Johnstons of Elginby and Topshop. He has also worked with Kylie Minouge on her 2 of Hearts video.

Website: as of yet there is no available website

designed by Christopher Kane:
  • Christopher Kane – main womenswear line (since 2006)
  • Christopher Kane – main menswear line (since 2006)

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