Sequential Spheres_ Expanding Philosophical Ideals



ORIGIN:  Soho, New York City/ Nanba Osaka
MODERATOR:  web/graphic designer, Ethan D Miller

Human existence has a tendency to move like a playing VHS tape with the the fast forward button pressed. It becomes difficult to differentiate the times and locations of certain events that have transpired. The memories are almost always exotic moments in vivid, exuberant color with a tease of blurry romanticism. The clearer the memory of the moment is, the shallower it feels.

By paddling through the streams of collective memories, I have encountered many individuals that have made an impact on my current life. In subtle as well as not so subtle ways. Due to my lack of interest in the recent mass mentality movement towards a cloned society, I have made conscious effort to avoid repetitive conversations that have no personal objective or opinion. This belief in subtracting noise from life that does nothing but distract much needed attention, is a merit that I am fortunate enough to have obtained in my youth. As a result, the individuals that I have encountered in an 18 year span of living in Soho and East Village Manhattan, are some of the most interesting sort that a person may have the experience of encountering. It seems as though many of the encounters were scenes from a theatre. A surrealist venue with purple curtains that people would pay money to view from a distance, but few dare risk entrance.

Throughout those encounters I have also been fortunate enough to have acquired the greatest tips from many people with high calibre perspectives of the world. Some of the musicians, designers, artists and philosophers that I have been turned on to, have given me a very sophisticated level of satisfaction. To these people that I have received these philosophies, experiences and tips from, I dedicate the writings and posts that will follow.

Sequential Spheres by Ethan D Miller

In the form of a collective of many different people and the various creations that they produce, I intend to make the articles in 'Sequential Spheres' a gathering of the memories and the memories yet to be. They will be written for the the people who like the odd numbers of the world, as well as the even. Made as a memorandum of respect for the people who do not fear to stand out from the normal sway of modern society as well as those that love the exuberance and differences of the various colors and opinions of the crowds. If anyone may be in the process of following similar ideals and aesthetic, contributions for articles or ideas will forever be welcome.

And so it begins,
_Ethan _D _Miller

The title, 'Sequential Spheres' stands for the sequence of the transcending eras and how they have influenced the various circles of expression throughout time. This of course is view to history as well as the future.


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