Nicomede Talavera


FASHION DESIGNER:  Nicomede Talavera
ORIGIN:  London
HEAD DESIGNER:  Nicomede Talavera
EDUCATION:  Central St Martins (MA)

As for minimalism in the nineties, I think there are a few current labels in recent times that have been hitting the mark quite accurately. Its nice to see my personal choice preferences of the era being recreated with such high standards. The whole minimalism aesthetic was a more European phenomenon then. Outside of American major cities, it was quite difficult to find decent boutiques, book shops, or even art galleries that carried anything with a 'minimal' theme. America pre 'Apple mentality' was quite visually displeasing if you had tastes for a clean aesthetic.

When multiple memories from the past reflect onto a new product, a simple sense of nostalgia kicks in. I tend to be quite passionate about something that reminds me of a reflection of my youth. The recent lines actually step right into my memory lane. It gives me a feeling of Mike Valley before his tattooed, body building, butt head mentality. Back when he was in the 'Public Domain'. Anyone who recognizes and agrees with that two line quote is an immediate friend.

Sequential Spheres and Nicomede Talavera

Nicomede Talavera directly hits the nail on the head, with his 2013 and 2014 Menswear lines, along with the Eastpak collaboration that sinks the nail the full distance. To me his work, as of now, has a minimal sporty approach with a European skater from the 90's feeling. Quite decent. I do not see any pieces in his line that are not wearable. The cuts tend to veer towards the looser fit, with very nice silhouettes. While the styles are more of a sporty yet minimal design, visually they appear to somewhat fit into a very well styled and designed Japanese animation from the 90's. Clean, but very interesting.

Nicomede is a London based designer who graduated in 2013 with a MA degree from Central St Martens, London. He has worked with Phillip Lim's 3.1 in NYC, Lanvin Homme in Paris as well as his solo line and the collaboration with Eastpak. I have a personal collection of Phillip Lim due to being acquaintances with some of the NYC designers in the past, so the designs from Nicomede fit quite securely with the rest of my wardrobe. I look forward to seeing where he goes with his work in the forthcoming years.


all designed by Nicomede Talavera:

  • Nicomede Talavera – main menswear line (since 2012)
  • Nicomede Talavera Eastpak collection (since 2013)

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